We can build to print or Design & Build any Dial/Digital Indicator, Electronic Fixture Gages, Concentricity Gages, Dimensional Gages, gage masters, or hole location gages to check a wide range of features and/or feature sizes. We provide, upon request, concept drawings and sketches with all Design and Build quotes. We also collaborate with several in line gaging companies to provide turnkey solutions for complex gaging system packages. Through our Commodity Management Products and Services, we can overcome any barriers while manufacturing your products. 

Functional Gaging

Simple Go/No-Go gages are still needed for those less critical features that need to be verified in a cost-effective way. We can meet your gaging requirements whether you need to check a simple feature or need a multi-functional gage designed to check a variety of features. We also build functional Fixture Gages as well to check Max Material type G.D.&T. notes.

Products We've Made Gages for:

Engine Blocks   /   Cam Shafts   /   Torque Converters   /   Tie Rods   /   Seat Frames   /   Medical   /   Door Locks   /   Door Hinges   /   Crank Shafts
Axels   /   Prop Shafts Components   /   Pistons   /   ABS Brakes   /   Starters   /   Stamped Components   /   Transmission Components
Aerospace Navigation Instruments   /   Flex Plates & Timing Rings   /   Interior Auto Components   /   Suspension Systems


Listed below are the different types and lines of instrumentation components we utilize to fulfill our customer's product requirements. These instruments come from the highest quality brands in the market so you can be confident in the performance of your product. We will work with you to manage your budget while meeting your needs and standards for quality. You can review some of our component suppliers here.

Request a Quote today for details on pricing and our component and instrumentation offerings!

Indicators  /   Sweeps Units   /   Run Out Gages   /   Flush Pin Gages   /   Benny Gages  /   Thread Gages  /   Gage Benches   /   Transducers   /   Snap Gages
Mitutoyo   /   Brown & Sharp  /   Starrett   /   Master Rings & Pins   /   Westborn Gage  /   Glaston Bury  /   J & L   /   Mercury   /   Dundick   /   Atlas   /   Perfection Ind.
Sony  /   A.G. Davis   /   Mahr Federal  /   Birdsall Tool & Gage   /   Universal Punch Corp.   /   Pin & Plug Gages