For more than 50 years, Birdsall Tool & Gage 
has delivered quality and reliability in an ever-
changing manufacturing world.

For more than 50 years, Birdsall Tool & Gage has delivered quality and reliability in an
ever-changing manufacturing world. We listen to our customers and understand their
requirements and can anticipate their needs. Since 1970 we’ve taken our responsibility
seriously, and with cooperation and a team spirit, we can provide total system support
and manufacturing of our customers’ gaging needs.

Company Started: 1970 

The founder bought a few pieces of machinery and started
Birdsall Tool & Gage from his garage on Cavell Street in Livonia, MI.

Built New Location: 1978 

The business had grown enough that he purchased land,
 built a 
5000 sq ft. building, and moved the company again
to our present location.

Expanded Location: 1980            

The building size doubled to 10,000 sq ft. manufacturing
and 3000 sq ft. office.

Our Vision and Mission

To honor God and Country through our business systems as we work with our employees, customers, and suppliers.


To provide a good return on their investment


To provide opportunities for training that will enhance their life-long education and personal growth. To provide an atmosphere of continuous improvement that leads to job security and a high-quality work enviornement. Through our continuous improvement strategy, we aim to educate and build up our team to effectively utilizes the talents of all employees. 


To provide a quality product that meets or exceeds their expectations at a fair market
value. Service them to their level of satisfaction, and work with them to continually improve
their tools, gages, fixtures, and management systems. tools, gages, fixtures, and
management systems.


Work fairly with our suppliers. Assist them in improving their quality.
And foster a win-win relationship where we both remain competitive and profitable.

Leadership Team

"A team is not a group of people who work together.  A team is a group of people who trust each other" - Unknown

Todd Mielke

CEO / Co-Owner

Jordan Birdsall

Sales & Estimating / Co-Owner

Abigail Felice

Senior Administrator / Co-Owner