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precision toolingPrecision Tooling

Because of our gaging experience, we have the ability to control tolerances down to .0001″ on many tools. We specialize in non-production custom designed tools for the automotive industry. We do not manufacture production tools. We specialize in total yearly usages from 1 to 500 units per year. If you have a custom production machine and it came with a set of part print drawings, we are the tooling source for you.

Benefits Customers Receive

Since 1970, our Customers have relied upon our experience in making quality blue print tools to tight tolerances for machine details, fixtures, dies, assembly, sub-assembly, Robotic End of Arm Tooling and gages. Because our Customers have received good service, Birdsall Tool and Gage Company is also known as a Quality Tool House.

Our Quality Assurance program is continually monitored to assure that our control plans, processes and procedures produce good parts all the time. Our Quality Goals are 100% Quality and On Time Delivery.

Our customers benefit from our commitment to maintaining State of the Art Equipment.

Quality System Awards

Our quality system has been the recipient of numerous Customer Quality Awards. The benefit to you is that we are applying our quality knowledge in the manufacture of your tools and gages. Some of our awards are:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Ford Q-101
  • General Motors “Targets for Excellence” in Leadership, Quality and Technology.
  • Masco Tech – Forming Products Groups quality award
  • General Dynamics Land Systems Division MIL-STD-45662A.

Special 3D Contour Machining

With “Mastercam” 3d and our Surfacing Software, we are able to machine die details that have contours from CAD or digitized data to exacting tolerances. Some applications this is useful in are stamping dies, molds, and forging tooling.

Names of Blue Print Details We’ve Made:

  • Adapters, Arbors
  • Blocks, Bushings
  • Cams, Carbide Ctrs
  • Collets, Die Details
  • Centers, Fingers
  • Gears, Holders
  • Jaws, Mandrels
  • Pads, Punches
  • Plungers, Probes
  • Pins, Plates
  • Rings, Retainers
  • Rollers, Rails
  • Stops, Spacers
  • Slides, Washers
  • Special Engineering Services

We also alter standard tools, and / or reverse engineer single source type tooling for more competitive prices.

Additional Services:

Wire EDM, Pallets, Design & Build, End of Arm Tooling, Short Run Production.

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