Michigan Gage Company
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Gage Company History


In 1970, the founder, bought a few pieces of machinery and started Birdsall Tool & Gage from his garage on Cavell Street in Livonia, MI. In a short period of time, the business grew and the company moved to a small 4000 sq ft building he rented in Farmington on Sunnydale.

Then in 1978, the business had grown enough that he purchased land, built a 5000 square foot building and moved the company again to our present location on Crestview Court in Farmington Hills. In 1980, the building size doubled to 10,000 sq ft. manufacturing and 3000 sq ft. office. 

For more than 40 years, Birdsall Tool & Gage has delivered quality and reliability in an ever-changing manufacturing world. We listing to our customers and understand their requirements and can anticipate their needs. Since 1970 we've taken our responsbility seriously and with cooperation and a team spirit, we can provide total system support and manufacturing of our customer's gaging needs.