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BTG Gage-Check

The new BTG Gage-Chek is a multi-channel metrology display that accepts up to eight discrete inputs. It features intuitive visual displays, helpful audio cues and user-defined formulas. It also reports dynamic Min/Max measurements, provides SPC analysis from an integrated database and includes connectivity to PCs and other peripherals.
BTG transducer input options:
Solartron full and half bridge LVDT
Heidenhain Specto digital probe
Tesa full and half bridge LVDT
Marposs full and half bridge LVDT
Mitutoyo MSR
Mitutoyo MLG
....ask about other options 
Visual feedback:A highly visible, intuitive and familiar interface with standard color cues......

.......Instantly informs operators of pass/fail performance details for critical part dimensions.

Integrated SPC database:
Store, retrieve and manage enormous amounts of measurement data on the shop floor. Check quality control of each gage. Share information locally and globally.

Apply math formulas on up to 16 output dimensions for complex measurement solutions.
Digital readouts :
Incorporate a range of ergonomic and display interface innovations that advance new standards for ease of use.

Two large, easy-to-reach buttons at the top of the console can be programmed to trigger an operator's most frequent data entry steps, simplifying measurements when the operator's attention must focus on the part.

Versatile display console
The slender monitor housing requires minimal space, whether on a desk or bracket-mounted directly to a measuring tool. Its sleek visual design complements contemporary metrology measuring instrument design.

Adjustable display angles
The monitor tilts to face standing or seated operators, whether mounted above, beside, or below an instrument. Heavy base provides excellent support. Height: 7.5"

1 input:GC-110
4 inputs:GC-140
8 inputs:GC-180
(choose one)
Tray Stand
Arm Mount